Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Show a Blog Some Love

Hey Y'all!

I hope that you have enjoyed reading the first few installments of Rachel Getting Cooking. It has been such a pleasure to write it and all the positive feedback you have sent my way has been tremendous. So thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm hard at work drafting several new posts, so the next time you stop by, show your support and become a follower of my blog. It's a simple way to say that you like what you see. Think of it as a virtual fist bump. Just click on the "Follow" tab located on the right side of the blog and sign up. While you're here, tell me what you think and post a comment. There's plenty of room under each post, so don't be shy! I would love to hear your feedback! Just click the ''Comments" tab under each post. So become a follower, post comments, share it with your friends and stay tuned. There are many more delicious posts to come!


  1. I found this website through one of my film news updates:

    "Foodies are going to want to check out this site, a brand new cooking community site with a wonderfully organic look and feel. Launched by the trio behind Stonehouse Productions (which has produced a number of shows for Rachael Ray and the Food Network,) it strikes a perfect balance between professionally produced video and UGC and allows users to get as involved as would like by submitting recipes and videos or pinging the crowd for advice. The crew leveraged their contacts in the food world to get permission to shoot in celebrity’s home kitchens to give the site a homey feel."

    Yay organic!

  2. Hello my dear Noga,

    I just went to check out dish and dine and I love it! What a fabulous website! Thanks for sending it along! Viva organic food!

  3. New subscriber to your blog Rachel first Hello, I have enjoyed your blog very nice glad, I came across your page it has certainly made want to grab a glass of ice tea (yummy), also looking forward to reading more of your installments ,very nice work , thank you for sharing and have a wonderful day !

  4. Hey Rick! Thanks for the post! I'm so glad you like the blog! The tea really is delicious, so you'll have to try it out and report back! Come back and visit soon! Have a great day!

  5. No problem Rachel ,I will visit often to keep up with your blog and cooking :) Have a wonderful weekend ,all the best!

  6. Thanks Rikk! I hope you have a great weekend as well!

  7. "virtual fist bump" hahahahah LOVE IT..

    found your blog via Austin Bloggirls! :)

    love food and love the posts i've read so far!!...i'm going to definitely try some of these!!..keep them coming and hope to see you at an outing soon!! :)

  8. Hey Jillian!

    I'm so glad you're enjoying the blog thus far! I hope you try out a few of the recipes and be sure to report back! I'd love to hear how they turn out or any suggestions to improve them! This has been a crazy week so I'm not as on top of posting as I usually am. I'm studying for the GRE, which takes up ALL my free time. Anywho, I hope to get a post up tomorrow and hopefully more shortly! I definitely want to get together with the Austin Bloggirls as well, so I'll have to check back and see when the next meet up is scheduled! Take care!