Tuesday, October 12, 2010


As of late, cinnamon has been the spice of my life. I'm not quite sure when this obsession began, suffice to say that it started innocently enough with a cup of coffee and cinnamon sticks. Admittedly, I am not typically one for experimentation, especially on the grounds of coffee. And yet, one morning I felt bold. It was the kind of boldness that only the finest french roast blend can impart and so I began to grate. Just a touch of fresh cinnamon was all it took and as the coffee began to brew, my anxiety began to slip away as the warm, spicy aroma filled my kitchen. Reaching for my favorite mug, I poured in the coffee and added a healthy splash of cream and sugar. A quick stir and that first slurp was nothing short of a revelation. Ok, perhaps it wasn't a revelation, but it certainly was delicious.

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